"I am a product designer/developer with roots in engineering and a heart for sustainability and meaningful design"

I’m a passionate UX Designer located in Gothenburg, Sweden, who likes to be involved in the full Design process from identifying the users' needs, over generating the right solution, to the final product - always failing, learning and improving along the way. 
I have a background in Industrial Design and engineering, which allows me to have a very practical, hands-on approach to all steps of UX as well. My natural mind-set is to understand how things work and how they are used. Relentless testing, mocking and iterating is something that I have translated from my education in physical design to the digital world - even though I don't distinguish between those categories anymore, just as I see art, design, engineering and science as one big playground where the magic happens.
I am highly conscious of sustainability, accessibility and diversity - most overdue matters for modern times. I also see ethical design as my personal responsibility and would always value impact over form. Ask me about my values and beliefs - always happy to discuss!

Mobile application design, web design, desktop application and dashboard design, digital and paper prototyping, user research and testing, design methods, 3D modelling, game design, game GUI, workshop experience in metal, wood and plastics, 3D printing, studio photography, scientific laboratory work, technical drawing and construction.
I speak German, English and Swedish fluently. I also have some French and Spanish skills left somewhere from school.

My Tools
Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch and InVision, Adobe XD, SolidWorks and KeyShot, AutoCAD Mechanical, Unity Game Engine, proto.io, Arduino, Whimsical, Scratch, Blender 

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