"We share the precious materials in our phones to make them last longer and not go to waste"
The ever increasing amount of personal technical devices that are being produced and bought on the planet brings along severe problems. The production requires precious materials that are being retrieved in politically unstable and corrupt countries. The hard labour for extracting them from the ground and the strenuous manufacturing and assembling of the devices is performed by extremely underpaid workers under unthinkable conditions and working hours. 
Goal for this project was to "repair" the life cycle of a phone, to make it last longer.

Concept and research
sharing   -   reparability   -   recycling
rent the phone   -   insert your chip   -   return phone and keep chip for next time
The SharePhone is a concept for sharing and reusing the precious resources inside a phone by renting it out for a cheap price and taking it back after usage for repair and maintenance. 

The customer receives a full-functioning phone, together with a blue chip, which can be inserted into the main body. Upon returning the phone, the customer keeps the chip. It‘s as easy using rental bikes and fulfills its main aim - to protect resources from ending up on a landfill.

Several prototypes, both in foam and 3D-prints were manufactured for testing the click-mechanism and handling and size.

The phone is a smallsize device, focussing on robustness and easy repair. The outer white shell is made from ceramics, which are practically unscratchable and have a very low impact on the environment. 

To complement the sleek, light product design, the interface and interaction of unlocking is kept simple and clean.

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