What else?
Here I want to show you what other things I produce, are on my mind or in my heart.
Don't judge - just explore and enjoy.

Automat is an alternative Indiegame Collective that organises events around game culture, as for example Game Jams and exhibitions. It is also a creative group of curious and unconventional friends from different disciplines that gets together to create games, programs, toys or anything play- and meaningful. We have been working together for some time now, where I contribute with design, CI, concept and aesthetic and interactive ideas.
Learn more here.

I have been working with ceramics for a few years now and even sold my designs on Christmas markets. This is a wonderful hobby which allows me to use my hands for some sensual design and also to create exactly those objects that I want to use in my kitchen and home.

Art and photo projects

On my instagram account, I took a photo of the sky of Göteborg, my Second Hometown of Choice, for a year.

Currently I am photographing and uploading lost objects I see on the street.


Feet in the sky / Sea of green

I like to do colourful collages for events, but also from analogue photos I am taking myself. The combination of old analogue optics and bold materials taken out of context create an exciting, very aesthetic tension.

3D printing
I made an amplifier for my beloved Fairphone, designed and 3D printed to fit perfectly. 
Yay! The people of Fairphone liked it so much, they invited me over to Amsterdam to experiment further!

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